Conditions of Entry



1. Photos must be your own work. You must have taken them within the last 12 months, and they must be of the Pāuatahanui Inlet east of the railway bridge.

2.  Your photos can be colour or black and white, taken on a film or digital camera. You must submit them as unmounted prints, not as a digital file. 'Prints entered can either be landscape/portrait, panoramic or square format. For the landscape/portrait and panoramic formats the longest side can be no more that 305mm / 12 inches, for the square format the maximum size allowable is 10x10 sq. inches / 254x254 mm.Please write a title and a description on the back of your prints so we can identify them if you win a prize, and make a note for yourself of what you have called them. You must not write your name anywhere on your prints. We will give them an identifying number when they go to the judge.


3.  You are limited to two photos per category (10 photos in all).

4.  All photos will first be judged in the Open section. If you’re 18 or under and don’t win a prize in the Open section, your photos will be re-judged for the Junior (under-13) or Youth (13-18) sections.

5.  If you win or are highly commended, you must send us a digital file of your winning photo(s) within 24 hours of being notified.

6.  Copyright remains with you. GOPI may use any of the photos for not-for-profit educational and publicity purposes. If we do this, we will always acknowledge you as the photographer.

7. If you send a large stamped self-addressed envelope with your entry we will be happy to send your prints back to you at the end of the display period.


Photos will be judged on how well they meet the following category descriptions and technical criteria.

Category descriptions

Scenic: Photos of the Inlet and surrounding landscape.

Nature: Animals and plants of the Inlet, including life under the surface.

Recreation: People or animals using the Inlet for recreation, including preparing for an activity or clearing up afterwards.

Human impact: Good or bad outcomes from human activity now or in the past. These could be (but are not limited to) buildings, other structures, improvements, pollution, rubbish. The best human impact photos will 'tell a story'.

Artistic: (Any Inlet-related subject) Artistic photos of plants, animals, scenery, reflections, effects of nature or any aspect of the Inlet. Photos in this category may be digitally enhanced to 'create' an image or a special effect.


Technical criteria

Technical quality. Correct exposure, sharpness (except where unsharpness adds to the image) and printed to show a full tonal and colour range with appropriate contrast levels.

Relevance to the category.

Composition. How the elements are arranged in the frame.

Originality. New approaches to photographing a familiar topic or area. Possible inclusion of a 'story'

NB: Photos in categories 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be actual images. You can crop your photos and make certain digital adjustments, but you must not create an image that wasn't what you saw through your camera (eg you can't 'move' objects).  




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